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Ready to take the next step in your career?
Taking on a new role?
Looking to improve performance and productivity?
Need to deal better with challenges at work, increased workload and adapting to change?
Want to recover your passion for the work you do?
Feeling stuck? Demotivated? Uncertain about the future?
Want to make a real difference?
Whether you’re an organisation looking to arrange coaching for your employees or an individual looking for one-to-one coaching to support your career development, I provide coaching that can help improve performance and productivity, and make work a more satisfying activity, rather than something to dread on a Monday morning.

For individuals:

Workplace coaching can support you, if you’re returning to work after an absence such as raising children, redundancy or sickness, taking your first steps in a new career, keen to revitalise your current work, seeking a career change, or if you need support for some of the everyday workplace challenges.

Most of us will spend a large percentage of our adult life at work, and life is too short to spend that time doing something that is not meaningful and rewarding. Taking conscious control of your working life, understanding why you choose to do what you do and being clear about what you want from work are key for your happiness and your success. Coaching is recognised throughout the business world as a means to achieve this.

For organisations:

Workplace coaching can help individuals in any role find alignment between their values and those of their organisation, renew their commitment to the organisation, identify and resolve the things that interfere with them performing to their full potential and enable them to clarify what they want and what they can offer to the organisation. Your workforce is a valuable resource. You need people who are self-motivated and enthusiastic to meet the challenges of your business – coaching can help you to achieve this.

For those in executive roles:

Executive coaching can help you handle the challenges of management and leadership, deal with the expectations on you as a manager, maximise your talents, provide you with clear focus and objectives, deal with relationship and communication issues whether with senior managers, peers or staff, support managers new to the role, or just give you time to focus on your professional development.

What kind of coaching do you offer?

What does it involve?

How long does it take?

What are the options?

What does it cost?

Why should I work with you?

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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I’m a qualified coach with experience in a variety of industries (More about me). If you want to know more about coaching and the practicalities, or what it costs have a look at about coaching. If you’re ready to start coaching, or want any more information, please contact me.