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…impressed by Trish’s ability to return to points I’d finished with, and ask relevant questions/provide interesting parallels with the topic at hand…returning to one’s own values and experiences was reiterated throughout, and provided counterbalance to otherwise dramatic flights of thought.”

S. from Bristol

Take some time out and rediscover what really matters to you and what you want to be different in your life.  

Whether it’s performance and success at work, looking for a meaning and purpose or just finding more balance and satisfaction in your life, I can help you clarify and achieve your goals. Now is the time to find your wings and start living the life you love...

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I’m a qualified coach with experience in a variety of industries (More about me). If you want to know more about coaching and the practicalities, or what it costs have a look at about coaching. If you’re ready to start coaching, or want any more information, please contact me.