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Magpie Coaching

Personal / Life Coaching

Fed up with your life? At a crossroads and not sure where to go? Something you want to change? Ready to do something about it? Coaching can be the answer.

Workplace Coaching

Business success depends on the passion and engagement of every member of the team. Whether you’re an individual or an employer, coaching can help to maximise potential, motivation and satisfaction to the benefit of all the stakeholders in your business.

Walk & Talk

Drawing on concepts from active learning and environmental psychology, walk & talk coaching gives you the opportunity to get out of your normal environment, get moving and see things from a different perspective.

Group Coaching and Workshops

A powerful social and interactive form of coaching, whatever sort of group, team, organisation or business you’re involved in.

What is coaching?

10% time

I believe coaching can benefit everyone, so I am committed to giving 10% of my time to people and organisations who could not otherwise invest in these services

Coaching is a gentle but powerful way of uncovering the resistances that prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve, thus enabling you to live the kind of life you want to live.

Coaching can help you take a holistic overview of your life, or it can concentrate on helping you overcome specific challenges. Unlike conversations with family or friends, the coach has no personal agenda regarding your life or the choices you make and, therefore, is free to support you in finding the solutions that are right for you.

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What next?

Who are you? Finding your Personality Type

Self-knowledge is the key to success and happiness. Psychometric tests such as the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator can be a useful tool to understand yourself and others.