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Frequently asked questions:

Coaching is primarily a conversation aimed at exploring your current challenges, identifying what you really want, discovering new options and getting you moving towards your goals.

A typical session may involve talking about:

1. Where are you now?

2. Where do you want to be or what do you want to be different?

3. What are the options, opportunities and consequences

4. What assumptions are you making?

5. What are your next steps and what do you need to help you achieve them?

However, coaching is a fluid and organic process, so I always use my experience to work with each individual during their session, depending on their current needs. Where appropriate, I will also suggest other tools and activities that we can introduce to support the process.  

Some client s come to coaching  with a clear issue while others have only a vague dissatisfaction with their current life.  Uncovering the underlying issues is often a key part of the coaching process.

All our discussions are entirely confidential

There are many types of coaching. The coaching I provide focuses mainly on developmental coaching, i.e. on your self-development.  

Although it may be focused on a particular issue, I take a holistic approach, including all the relevant areas of your life, working with your mind, body, emotions, underlying beliefs and values, as well as with the wider social and environmental context.

There are some key concepts underpinning the way I coach:

1) You are functional and capable of managing your own life - even if it is not currently as you would like it to be

2) You have the resources - or the capacity to find  or develop the resources -  that you  need to achieve the changes you are looking for

3) You are the only expert on your own life – at some level you know what you want/need  to change in your life even if it’s not currently clear

I work with various coaching models including the journey model


Coaching is usually a short term intervention. It generally consists of a series of 4-5 sessions at 2-4 week intervals. Each coaching session is usually about an hour long.

However, the duration of the coaching is very individual. You may come with very specific and very clear goals requiring few sessions. Alternatively, it may take several sessions for your real goals to emerge. The coaching can continue until you are happy that you have reached a conclusion.

By the end of the coaching process, the aim is to leave you in a position where you can continue the work on your own.

I offer coaching to individuals and groups face-to-face, remotely by phone or email, and also a walk and talk option.


We can meet in any mutually agreed venue, such your company premises, public venues such as coffee shops, or I sometimes rent a room/office as required (sessions usually 1-1.5 hours).


By phone - Using UK landlines, I work with you on the same basis as a face to face session. It is also possible to arrange for sessions to be recorded, so you can listen to them again later required (sessions usually 1-1.5 hours).

By email - Using a secure email provider such as SafeMail. Some clients find that the asynchronous nature of an email conversation allows them to think issues through in their own time.

Walk and talk:

Sessions vary on location, duration and level of activity and are designed together with the client depending on their needs and preferences.


I charge £40 per 1 hour session, (longer sessions can be arranged on request).

I also offer a package of 6 x 1 hour sessions for £220 (Most clients find that they have made significant progress after 5-6 sessions)

An initial 1 hour taster session is available at a reduced rate of £20, the aim being to clarify what you wish to work on and discus how we might work together.

Costs for workplace coaching may vary depending on the requirements of the sponsoring organisation

I also offer some concessionary places for those who could not otherwise afford these services 10%Time

Are you an expert in my industry/ with my kind of issue?

I believe that, in the end, you are the only expert in your own life and my role as a coach is to to work with you to help you uncover your own solutions to the dreams and challenges you bring to coaching.  Having said that, I have experience of working in a range of different industries and environments and of successfully making transitions between these different careers (see about me for more details).

It’s also important to find someone who you enjoy working with but who is also willing to challenge you and question your assumptions, I aim to provide a realistic, unbiased external view of your situation, while supporting you in achieving whatever goals that you choose. Part of this is process is to help you to refine these goals so that they are truly yours so that you have the motivation and passion to achieve them.

If you have more questions, would like more information or would like to book a session please get in touch.