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Walk & Talk Coaching

Want a new perspective on your life?
Yearn to get away and clear your head?
Need the space to slow down and take time to see the bigger picture?
Do you think better on the move?

The way we think and act is often unconsciously constrained by the artificial, static environments in which we live and work. Getting into motion, connecting back to the landscape and the open air, together with the physical movement through that landscape can help new ideas come to the
surface, release blockages and break through boundaries.
Walking relaxes muscles, releases tension, increases the release of endorphins (feel-good hormones) and encourages reflective, soft focus thinking, accessing our intuition and unconscious knowledge.
It also often stimulates our creativity to see our challenges metaphorically reflected in the wider world, allowing us to discuss and approach them in a different way.

How it works….

Walk & Talk sessions are available as a unique approach to coaching or as an alternative to any individual, group or workplace coaching session and generally letting the environment become part of the process.

After an initial discussion to define the focus of the coaching, we’ll set out into the countryside on a circular walk  talking as we go, stopping when we feel the need.

Sessions are very adaptable. The duration and intensity of the route can be adjusted to suit what we need to do, from short 1 hour strolls to longer hikes.

If the weather is against us we can adjoin to the office or change to  a coffee, cake and coaching option!!

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What next?

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

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I’m a qualified coach with experience in a variety of industries (More about me). If you want to know more about coaching and the practicalities, or what it costs have a look at about coaching. If you’re ready to start coaching, or want any more information, please contact me.