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Group Coaching and Workshops

I also facilitate coaching sessions and workshops for groups or teams that share a common agenda.
This includes coaching teams and small organisations, wanting to work more effectively together, as well as groups of individuals interested in working on a common issue such as work/life balance or defining life goals.
There is something very empowering about a group of people working together and sharing the coaching process.
It is a powerful way of challenging limiting beliefs and assumptions, generating new ideas and turning those ideas into practical actions, as well as learning from the experience of others. It leads to an
increased appreciation and understanding of the others in the group, as well as improving communication skills and emotional intelligence.
Team coaching usually takes place at the request of an organisation which may supply a predefined agenda, or the initial stage of the coaching may involve the team collectively defining the agenda.
Group coaching can vary from small groups of 4-6, engaged in ongoing co-coaching where the group collectively coaches each individual in the group, to larger workshops which combine individual and pair work with group discussions.

Some of the benefits of group coaching include:

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“None of us is as smart as all of us. “

Ken Blanchard

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